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From Ireland to Denver

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Hello. I'm Jerry Linnane.
Denver Realtor.

From Ireland to Seattle and now Denver, I consider myself a curious person with a pension for humor, family, and the occasional pint of Guinness.


You could say I moved here for love. My beautiful partner, Dr. Dana, is originally from Colorado.


Spending time with my family, creating new, lasting memories is important to me.


I value friendships near and afar. Good conversations over a pint is a favorite past time of mine.


I value hard work & efficiency. I’m not afraid to dig my heels in, especially since I love what I do.


 I have a genuine desire to learn about the world around me. I see travel as a means to satiate that desire.


I might have a masters degree in Real Estate but I truly consider myself a life long learner.

Q & A with Jerry Linnane, Denver Realtor

A Personal Interview

Well, I was born in Dublin City, Ireland and lived there for about twenty-five years. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and after much work (construction, retail, property management) and education (Business Degree, Masters in Real Estate), I decided a trip was in order. What should have been six months of teaching in Thailand turned into two years, followed by one and half years teaching in China!! Unforgettable experiences and character building.

Ah, like many a good story a girl is involved, she is amazing and we met in Thailand. Dana (the girl) born and raised in Colorado, decided to do medical school in Seattle, WA. Somewhat insanely, I followed her to America!! We spent the first four years in Seattle, WA, where I put my education and experiences to great use as a real estate agent and Dana completed her medical education. Family being so important to us we moved to Colorado where her family ‘The Village’ mostly live. Dana, sorry Dr. Dana now practices naturopathic medicine and acupuncture at Roots and Branches, and I am a Denver Realtor with Keller Williams.

YES. There is nothing like a Guinness in Ireland. Colorado has some fantastic beers and whiskeys. Always open to recommendations.

I was born into a family of builders and property owners. Working on the sites and selling construction materials gave me a grounding in the industry, a knowledge some do not have. My father also owned and rented a number of commercial and residential properties which I was involved in. From there, I saw the financial benefit of owning property leading to wealth creation and financial security. I transitioned to managing properties and completed a Masters in Real Estate. I truly, believe being entrusted to buy or sell a home is one of the most important jobs a person can have. There is a lot on the line for the clients and achieving their real estate goals is a feeling I relish. I take being a Denver Realtor seriously and I love it!

Being a Denver Realtor absorbs most of my time but outside of that I am a big foodie and love winding down with a movie in the evening. Typically, I am doing some kind of exercise most days, whether it’s running around the neighborhood, hitting the gym or playing soccer. During the summer months you can find me attempting to play golf, tennis and volleyball!! As with most people I love my family and friends. Time spent with them is precious and I never take it for granted. And of course, as an Irishman I can appreciate witty humor and a good pint.

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