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4 - Steps to Buying a Home

Looking for homes for sale in Denver CO? Tired of paying rent? Craving a bigger yard for the dog? Are you new to the Denver area and ready to establish yourself as a home owner? You are at the right place. Here are 4 steps to get you ready for homeownership.

Home loan pre-approval is not required, but it shows seller(s) you are serious about purchasing a home. In fact, it can give you an edge, especially in a competitive market!

Connect with a Realtor® 6-months in advance – before you begin looking at homes. The cost to you is NOTHING. Commission is payed to your real estate agent by the home seller(s).

First, know your wants vs your needs. Next, your agent will find properties that fit your criteria. They will also share with you homes not publicly listed. Now, it’s time to find homes for sale in Denver CO.

Your agent will apply experience and market data to ensure you are making an offer to fit your comfort level and budget!

What Buyers Should Know

Connect with an agent 6-months before your search. They will help you devise a plan to get you into the home that fits your needs, wants, and budget.

Home loan approval is not required but encouraged. That’s because it can take weeks for the loan approval process to go through. In a competitive market, like Denver, the home you were eyeing could be sold right out from under you in the time it takes to get approval.

Establishing what you want vs what you need is a pertinent first step in your home search. It will help you in giving an enthusiastic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to available homes.

Hiring a real estate agent saves you time and money. They will guide you through the entire home ownership process and negotiate on your behalf. There is zero cost in hiring an agent to help you purchase a home. Your agent’s commission is paid for by the home seller.


Hiring a real estate agent saves you time in your home search and money throughout the negotiation process.

zero cost

There is ZERO COST in hiring a Real Estate agent. The commission they earn is paid for by the seller(s).

Homes for sale in Denver CO


A real estate agent understands the current real estate market and future trends. This is knowledge they pass along to you.


Navigating the rocky terrain of the home buying process with a trusted real estate agent is more likely to get you the results you seek.

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From start to finish, excellent client care and communication is provided to you. Hear what our previous buyers and sellers say about their experience with hiring Jerry Linnane to be their real estate agent.

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